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ScopeX 2015 Programme Schedule

ScopeX Talks - Delville Wood Room

10am  "Astrophotography of Southern Skies" by Volker Wendel
11am  "Dawn, Rosetta and New Horizons"  by Case Rijsdijk (ASSA)
12pm  "Photons – messengers from the astronomical past"  
by  Prof Andreas Faltenbacher (WITS)
2pm  "Supercomputers in the desert"  by  Francois Kapp (SKA)
3pm  "100 Years of Proxima Cen"  by  Dr Ian Glass (SAAO)
4pm “Best of 365 Days of the Moon”  by Robert Reeves
5pm  "Astrophotography using Rasperry Pi, Arduino and 3D Printing "
by Toby Kurien & Schalk Heunis

ScopeX Activities

Dan Pienaar Gun Park:
Experilab Science Shows (30 min) for all ages
10 and 11am, 12 and 3pm

Armour Car Hall: Sci-bono fun science (40 min)
“Frantic Photons Show” for Grade 4 to 12:
10am, 12, and 2pm  

Galilean Telescope Build for Grade 8 to 12
9am, 11pm, 1pm, 3pm

Digital Planetarium Shows for all ages
From 9 am to 3pm  

Outside Marrieres Hall
1pm       Announcement of Awards
1:30pm  Rocket Motor Test Fire by Aerospace Research
6pm       Raffle draw

Star Party from 6pm on the Lawn around the Douglas DC-3

ScopeX Commercial Stands and Exhibits
Marrieres Hall: Celestron, Telescope Shop, Eridanus Optics
Around the lawn: Suntoy, Moonshadow Mix, AeroSpaceResearch, StarWaders
In front of Big Gate: Food Tent

Non-Commercial Exhibits and Stands
Armour Car Hall:

Student Exhibits
House4Hack and Maker stand  and exhibits
“From Macro to Micro”
“LIGHT Beyond the Bulb” exhibit by UNISA

General space around Douglas DC-3 and grass up to the Food Tent
Astronomy Centre and Club stands: ASSA Johannesburg, ASSA Pretoria, WestRand Astronomy Club
Amateur Telescope Maker exhibits and demonstrations
Astrophoto exhibits and demonstrations
Rocketry exhibits
Camera Obscura and Sundials
West Rand Amateur Radio Club and Radio Astronomy


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