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"South   Africa's role in the early days of the Space Age"
by Willie  Koorts, SAAO
“Mars and beyond - our place in the universe!”
  by Mars One Mission Candidate Edwin le Grange
“A journey through the life of a satellite”  by Phila Sibandze, SANSA
“Wildfire detection from space using nano-satellites”
 by Lee Annamalai, CSIR, Earth Observation

Centenary of the discovery of Proxima Centauri in 2015
AV by Jeff W Morris of Robert Innes' discovery of Proxima discovery in 1915 at the Johannesburg Observatory - used as part of the centenary celebrations at ScopeX 2015

"Gaia Space Telescope - Status and Challenges"
by William O’ Mullane, Gaia Mission Manager
Presentation at ScopeX 2014

"Building a Semi Geodisic Dome"
by Chris Forder, ASSA Cape Centre
Presentation at ScopeX 2014

"The Radio Astronomy Road to South Africa"
by Francois Kapp, SKA
Presentation at ScopeX 2014

"SA’s involvement in international space science missions from Rosetta to CubeSats"
by Prof Herman Steyn Univ Stellenbosch  
Presentation at ScopeX 2014

"Observations of Near-Earth Asteroids and the Impact Hazard to Earth"
by Dr Henry Throop, Univ of Pretoria &PSI, Tucson
Presentation at ScopeX 2014

Hogging out - 2010
Curve generation of ultra hard DURAN 50 mirror blank using unconventional technique
Jerome Jooste, Dave Hughes, Chris Stewart explain
Video by Chris Stewart  (length 3 min 28; size  11Mb)

Rainer Jakob's Mirror Grinding and Polishing Machine - Jan 2012
Video taken by Dave Hughes
Size is ~ 66Mb; Length: 15.29min

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