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Plywood Crayford & Elbow Finderscope

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Johan Smit - November 2010

Plywood Crayford:
Johan wanted to make a good focuser that can be made by anyone with the minimum amount of tools. That objective was achieved and performance exceeded expectations.

Elbow Finderscope:
The combination of a 40mm objective from a rifle scope and an eyepiece from scrapped focus-free 10x50 binocs made a very short finder (even when used straight-through), with remarkable optics. Jupiter's moons are visible and a very wide field of view as a bonus: the whole Southern Cross and some sky fits into the field of view. The binocs also donatedthe prism for the right-angle bend. Cheap plumbing parts (garden irrigation section) just happened to fit very well with the available optics. Total capital outlay about R15, some scrap wood, duct tape and bolts and nuts. After experimentation, a rubber band and two 90 degree adjustments proved most effective for the alignment mechanism.

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