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Very Amateur ATMer by Trevor Gould

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Trevor Gould's ATM Diaries - March 2012

Chris Stewart writes  " Trevor Gould (past Chairman of the ASSA Transvaal Centre, amateur astronomer & geologist, custodian of the SA meteorite register) writes about his 20 year journey with a self-built telescope. Part 1 is a humorous account of his first grand foray into the esoteric world of amateur telescope making, culminating in a fully functional 8" Dobsonian. One of the best things about building your own telescope from scratch is that there is nothing about the instrument that you don't know, so you are not afraid of making changes to it. In a sense, a telescope is never finished: there is always something that could be improved, to make it meet your evolving requirements. In the second part, a retrospective, Trevor describes his experiences in using the scope and its gradual evolution over time. In the interim, Trevor built a 6" for those time when portability is of the essence. At the time of writing, he has just begun polishing a 16" mirror destined to reveal much fainter objects than most of us will ever see. Being very thin, figuring this mirror will present a challenge."

Trevor's dairies:
The Very Amateur Telescope Maker - pdf file 108kb
The Very Amateur Telescope Maker 20 years on ... pdf file 378 kb

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