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My 6" mirror by Cobus Swanepoel - September 2010

I started April last year sometime after Scopex with something seemingly manageable and simple.

Although the week-after-week grinding on Saturdays was time consuming, I could tolerate it due to the slow but noticeable progress.  November I was ready to through my first lap, which I ruined by leaving it with the container’s lid touching the surface.  The second summer lap was suppose to have more promise, but due to other priorities was too hard when I regained interest early winter this year. The polishing went remarkably smooth and quickly and then the torture started. Due to inadequate experience we all need to rely on the more knowledgeable during this phase.

Although I believed every word they said I found it difficult to stay positive with the self inflicted torture
, specifically because I couldn’t see any progress.  My lap was replaced twice more before my sanity was saved by a perfect tester image. It felt weird to give the mirror to the aluminizing guru and after more than a year I had to leave class without it. However the “rejoining” after two weeks was sweet.  

Never in my life have I seen such a beautiful, perfectly clear, shining mirror.
It was worth every bit of effort!

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